• Psychobilly Garden Party #181

    “The Caffeine Enema” New episode here on www.pgpshow.com! Or get it on ITunes Songs on PGP #181 Intro: 0. Kosmos Teng Bay [Three Gentlemen] Sinn Sisamouth and Meas Samon Come […]

  • Bear with me…

    The page is fucked right now, but I’m working on fixing it (as of April 2019.) Will post on Facebook page when things are working properly. https://www.facebook.com/psychobillygardenparty/

  • Psychobilly Garden Party show #177

    Rebooted and suited.featuring: The meta-badger, the transvestite and the cupboard part 16 After another mini-hiatus The PGP Show is back again. We’ve been gone but whatmatters is we’re back again. […]

  • Psychobilly Garden Party Show #159

    The new #psychobilly  Garden Party show is out today. It’s two guest DJs: our regular Reverend Velocian and Mark from HRHG take over for the week. Get it on Radiobillyfm http://bit.ly/1fUZPMi | Listen to […]

  • Hot Rod Horror Garage – Reviews an album; Calamitiez

    Hey there kats and kittens, hows about a bit of an album review?  Oh yeah, that sounds nice, doesn’t it? Right then, lets get to it. Doc Wrench and myself […]

  • New! Hot Rod Horror Garage page.

      That’s right! If you click on the Hot Rod Horror Garage on the navigation bar above you’ll ride straight on over to the new page for the show-within-a-show. If […]

  • PGP New Years Super Special! #146

    Psychobilly Garden Party #146 The New Years Super Special! New episode here on RadiobillyFM.com! Well, this really is a super special! Somebody – somebody – can you guess who? Is […]

  • Happy New Year Chainsaw Army!

    Here we go again with the diseased carousel that is the PGP Show. It’s the fourth year that the podcast has been dragged into the light with a twitch and […]

  • Back.

    Yeah you diseased chainsaw chicks and gardenerbilly freaks.We’re coming back.Missed us?

  • Back.

    Yeah you diseased chainsaw chicks and gardenerbilly freaks. We’re coming back. Missed us?