• Spotify: Mad Dog Cole, Kingdom Of The ScareCrow

    Good morning psychogardenerbillys and chainsaw chicks.If you are connected up to that bastion of streaming and low-artist payback, Spotify then you may have seen that Mad Dog Cole threw out a […]

  • New Psychobilly Garden Party show out. #170.

    New #Psychobilly Garden Party out – #170. Subscribe on #iTunes, And here we are with another weekend starter for you, and your auntie. If she’s into it. This week […]

  • Missing show notes for Reverend Velocian last week…

    Oops! Eagle-eyed listeners will have seen that Reverend Velocian’s Optional Pants Ministry was missing the show notes and his associated links that he kindly and with military precision -as expected […]

  • Redesign of the blog

    I’ve been back and forth trying to decide whether to ditch the blogger site and go over to Tumblr. Maybe even to create a site from scratch but I keep […]

  • New! Hot Rod Horror Garage page.

      That’s right! If you click on the Hot Rod Horror Garage on the navigation bar above you’ll ride straight on over to the new page for the show-within-a-show. If […]

  • Psychobilly Garden Party #149 Cold-boldy-buzzy New episode here on!Nate’s got a cold, but he’s still here making like the true professional and bringing you exactly what you need – […]

  • Happy New Year Chainsaw Army!

    Here we go again with the diseased carousel that is the PGP Show. It’s the fourth year that the podcast has been dragged into the light with a twitch and […]

  • Record label discovery “Deep Eddy Records” from Austin, Texas.

    Deep Eddy record label Good morning chainsaw chicks and psychogardenerbillies. Teabag here.I discovered this record label over my morning coffee with coconut oil. The coconut oil is very good to […]

  • PGP #139 – coming a few days later…

    Good morning everyone. Yes, there will be a new PGP for the Halloween weekend but it’s coming out a little later this week, during the weekend. Stay tuned!

  • Nice to see you, to see you … nice.

    It was really great getting back from Sexmoan in the Philippines and, as you heard in this week’s Psychobilly Garden Party #134, Teabag had done a surprisingly good job at […]