Who lives in the garden?

Created by Lars Jauer

Residents of the Garden of Delights

Teabag Von Aftenthymes

Teabag Von Aftenthymes

Nate’s laboratory assistant and Teabagger. To clear up some confusion – although Teabag was actually created by Nate in his laboratory there was an unfortunate accident in a time machine with three Viagra pills and Teabag. He shot back in time and accidentally created an entire family line afterwards. Even though Teabag’s second name is Von Aftenthymes (with a silent “T”) his family is referred to as the bag-family because of their first names. We first heard about them in episode #84.

  • His family include:
  • Grandfather:
  • Early Gray.
  • Cousins:
  • Lapsang Souchong who lives in China
  • Darjeeling who lives in India
  • Rooibos from Africa (known for his stomach gases)
  • Chamomile whose origin is unknown.

This family died in episode #85 and #86 when Teabag killed them. However, they were later brought back to life by the use of the time machine.

The Dalai Lama

Dalai lama is a big fan

The Dalai Lama first appeared in PGP #90, but is destined to make a comeback very soon (as of 10th November 2019).



Junkie fox consulting detective.

Undead Elvis


Moved to the garden after death.

Undead Johnny Cash



Saw the fun Undead Elvis was having and joined him.

Whispering Chet Chitlins


A musician who has played with everyone, been everywhere & done everything – or so he says.

Professor Dangleberry from The PGP University.















Tunrida – Viking Daemon of The Underworld.
A new addition to the evils of the hellfires. We have only just found out about him – he appears to be charged with capturing Nate’s soul, though he was scuppered by Nate being brought back to life in #146.





The Nekromoles
Won Ton and The Cockle Pickers
Dr. Hilbas the banjo playing cat.






Mark Jacoby

Roman Troy Half-righteous – DJ from W.A.N.K. Radio

Gary Middleman: Result of an accident in a gene splicer involving Gary Oldman & Gary Numan.



The villagers from Little Fingrin’hole

And other diverse weirdos.
Officer Richard (Dick) Head.
Richie Onions (pornographer and pimp that tried to corrupt Teabag in origins). – Episode #82.
DJ Pongo Snodgrass Punk DJ from the Garden of Delights. – Episode #140.
Mr. & Mrs. Mysterious (aka. Mysterious George and his wife) – Mysterious George is known for making a mysterious mountain out of a molehill, having a flaccid penis and his wife has huge tits.
Michael Grimes: Toad at large – reporter from the Garden of Delights Daily News
Ruby Texas: Nate’s uppity yoga teacher, ex WWANK wrestler.
Dr. Quack: Mentioned in episode #93 with reference to Teabag’s infected testicles. Local doctor in the village. Nothing exciting happened with him as of yet.
Posti Rur: Ass-faced friend to Nate that saved him in episode #94 from the …
Hag-Milf: Milf witch, purveyor of famous pornographic films like “The Hook & The Worm” – episode #93 and #94 (The Cursed Faraway Tree series).
Richard Humblebee – Film maker featured in episode #149 – he has an assistant Sella Centipede who has a cute voice.
Ruby Texas – Nate’s personal trainer and yoga trainer. Ex-wrestler Ruby Texas.