Psychobilly Garden Party #181

“The Caffeine Enema”

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Songs on PGP #181


0. Kosmos Teng Bay [Three Gentlemen] Sinn Sisamouth and Meas Samon

  1. Come Back Lord – Reverend Beat Man and Izobel Garcia baile bruja muerto
  2. Ten Heads Are Better Than One – Thee Scarecrows
  3. You Got Good Taste – The Cramps
  4. Graveyard Tree – Koffin Kats
  5. Bats in my Pants – Nektomantix
  6. Scooter Dad – The Highliners
  7. Friday The 14th – The Brutella
  8. Deadly Bossanova – Claus Grabke
  9. God Damn USA – Trixie The Trainwrecks
  10. John I’m Only Dancing – The Polecats
  11. Where’s Billy – Graveyard Bashers
  12. God Damn Angels – Trixie The Trainwrecks
  13. Give Me Back My Broken Heart – The Washington Dead Cats
  14. Satan’s Blues – Creepshow
  15. Empty My Sack – Thee Scarecrows
  16. Make A Circuit With Me -The Polecats
  17. Voodoo Is All You Do To Me – The Washington Dead Cats
  18. Domino – The Cramps

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