PGP New Years Super Special! #146

Psychobilly Garden Party #146

The New Years Super Special!

New episode here on!
Well, this really is a super special! Somebody – somebody – can

you guess who? Is possibly, maybe being brought back from the dead.

As with the last show every band played this time is from a release in

2013. This great, great year for psychobilly. Bands like

The Tall Boys, Johnny Flesh & The Redneck Zombies, The Silver Shine

The Devil ‘n’ Us, The Marksmen, The Ricochets, King Sickabilly and more.

Well, not “like” them – it is actually them we’re playing. It’s the ultimate

start to the New Year. Get in there!

Songs on PGP #146

0. Merv Griffin – I’ve Got a Loverly Bunch of Coconuts
1. Tall Boys – I Feel
2. Johnny Flesh & the Redneck Zombies – Hellbilly Army
3. The Devil ‘n’ Us – Mortuary
4. The Silver Shine – Open Yours Eyes
5. The Marksmen – 00 Psycho
6. The Ricochets – Chain Dog
7. King Sickabilly And His Full Moon Boys – 100 Miles To Go
8. The Creepshow – Failing Grade
9. Nekromantix – Night Nurse [For Janet Wheeler]
10. Ramones – Havana Affair [For Janet Wheeler]
11. Tall Boys – Ride This Torpedo
12. Johnny Flesh & the Redneck Zombies – Down there by the Swans
13. The Silver Shine – In The Middle Of Nowhere
14. The Devil ‘n’ Us – Arise
15. The Marksmen – 1888
16. The Ricochets – Devils Highway
17. King Sickabilly And His Full Moon Boys – Before My Evil Explodes
18. The Creepshow – Life After Death
19. Tall Boys – Gary Gilmore Eyes
20. Johnny Flesh & the Redneck Zombies – Haunting you until we areā€¦
21. The Marksmen – Faceless Shadow
22. The Devil ‘n’ Us – Time
23. The Ricochets – Long Time Dead
24. The Silver Shine – just make your guns
25. King Sickabilly And His Full Moon Boys – Sing With The Dead
26. The Creepshow – Settle The Score
27. Sir Psyko & His Monsters – Smiling Like A Cobra

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