Hot Rod Horror Garage – Reviews an album; Calamitiez

Hey there kats and kittens, hows about a bit of an album review?  Oh yeah, that sounds nice, doesn’t it? Right then, lets get to it.

Doc Wrench and myself welcome you to the first of however many reviews we end up doing!

First up, Calamitiez, a band out of Barcelona. Were reviewing their self titled disc, you heard one of the tracks on HRHG#9 (Toxic Love). This one has had half a dozen or more spins out in the garage already and I’ve barely had it two weeks. Their sound mixes a good spoonful of punk in with some bass slapping psychobilly, throw in a bloody spattering of horror themed songs and you have yourself a nice plateful of ear candy.

Heh, pipe down Mark, these guys don’t want some wine snob review. They want to know that the Calamitiez keep the pace up and the rock rippin’ your ears solid through almost the entire album.  Hell, they dont even give y’all a breather with a slower song until track 11.  So all y’all keep that in mind, y’all gotta wreck for 10 songs before you get a beer break!  Make the sucker quick too, they get right back on the gas and kickin’ ass on the next song.

Come on Doc, thats not telling them anything other than when to get a beer. They are grown ups, and know when the hell to get their own damn beer.  Its more important to know that the mix is done really well, the bass slaps come through clear and punchy without droning over the great crunchy guitar riffs. The vocals are strong throughout the album and the band plays tight. Y’all can really crank the hell out of this disk and wont end up with a shit heap of musical sludge.

Look at you and your fancy words… of course they can crank it up, you just turn the damn knob to 11. But first, they gotta get their mitts on it.  So if all y’all point your webwinder click-a-majigger over here… Raucous Records you can get this bad boy on CD.

Good call Doc, there are other places to buy it too I’m sure, but Raucous always has a damn good selection of great music. Heres a video, the quality leans towards the “recorded on a potato” side, but you get the idea. Calamitiez “Army of the Underworld”   A few tracks that really get my wreck up on this disc: The Man Who Cannot Die, Covering Your Face, and Toxic Love.
Well, that wraps up this little experiment.  Let me know what you think; should we shut the hell up or give this review thing another spin sometime?

Keep the skinny pedal down, and and speakers begging for their lives!
-Mark & Doc Wrench