Psychobilly Garden Party show #177

Rebooted and suited.
featuring: The meta-badger, the transvestite and the cupboard part 16

After another mini-hiatus The PGP Show is back again. We’ve been gone but what
matters is we’re back again. New music this week from Michael Ray And The Plastic Sheets,
Ransom Price, Quiffs-N-Coffins, Reverend Bogey Man & The Hellbound Train, plus lots of classics &
tunes that simply kick ass. We’re back off into the garden for the 16th episode of the radioplay.
Note: I continually refer to this as the 15th episode of the drama but it’s the 16th.
What can I say? I was out-of-it
Songs on PGP #177

Intro. Lord Creator – Big Bamboo
1. Big John Bates – Fill your tank
2. The Independents – Death Notice
3. Ransom Price – The Departed
4. The Static Minds – Gotta Move
5. Michael Ray And The Plastic Sheets – Creature From The Black Lagoon
6. Quiffs ‘N’ Coffins – Re-penetrator
7. Mad Marge and the Stonecutters – Dial Z for Zombie
8. Luck of The Draw – Dropping A Load (in Memphis)
9. The Deep Eynde – The Feast
10. The Brain Bats – Oblivion11. Reverend Boogie Man – PGP ident
12. Tony Tarantula & his Bastards – Tromaville
13. Michael Ray And The Plastic Sheets – Darkness
14. Mad Marge and the Stonecutters – Sickness
15. Ransom Price – Drink (Album Version)
16. Quiffs ‘N’ Coffins – Mrs. Skeffington and Son

Cucumber Rayne’s Garage Disease at “The Paisley Clockwork Orange Club”

1. Le Butcherettes – Burn the Scab
2. The Fieros – To Pieces

PGP Continues…

17 The Deep Eynde – She Likes Skulls
18. Barnyard Ballers – Skitzo Family
19. The Deep Eynde – 13th Floor
20. Tony Tarantula & his Bastards – Lonesome Train
21. Mad Heads – Undertaker’s Party
22. Mad Marge and the Stonecutters – No Looking Back
23. Mad Heads – Tram In Lunacy
24. Mothra Slapping Orchestra – Now

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