Pyschobilly Garden Party Show #179

Psychobilly Garden Party #179 “Unpaid Bills & Empty Bottles.”

Unpaid bills and empty bottles.
featuring: The meta-badger, the transvestite and the cupboard part 18
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So after a long break, PGP is back and it’s just as evil, sour and ready for business as you
would expect. All the greatest underground rock ‘n roll for your ears, even though Nate is
battling with the fact that Teabag hasn’t paid any bills and Sherlock Foxxx has emptied the
wine cellar. I hope you missed us. If not then why the hell are you reading this? Let’s go.
Songs on PGP #179

* Intro. The Fools – Psycho Chicken (1980)
* 1. Guitar Slingers – Dead Before you hit the Ground
* 2. Sir Psyko & His Monsters – Till The End!
* 3. The Astro Zombies – Attack of the Green Farts
* 4. Frantic Vermin – Evil in the Night
* 5. The Blackout Bombs – Under The Sun
* 6. The Ripmen – Die, Witch, Die
* 7. Klingonz – Cybermong
* 8. The Dirt Daubers – The Devil Gets His Due
* 9. Guitar Slingers – Hellhouse Stomp
* 10. The Sharks – Bitch Attack
* 11. The Go-Go Killers – Do The Gorilla
* 12. The Astro Zombies – Use My Axe
* 13. Demented Are Go – Cripple in the Woods
* 14. Frantic Vermin – The Daleks
* 15. The Ricochets – She’s gone
* 16. The Dirt Daubers – Wayfaring Stranger
* 17. [Bonus tracks] The Devil n Us – Voodoo Child
* 18. [Bonus tracks] Blitzkid – Black Mountain Backstep
* 19. [Bonus tracks] The Cramps – You Got Good Taste

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