PGP #130 out today!

Psychobilly Garden Party #130

Feet under the table!

New episode here on!Or get it on ITunesI’m back. You can’t keep me away for long you know!
It’s a straight through show with plenty of rattling on about the
Psychobilly Weekender in Barcelona and tonnes of kick-ass music for your
listening pleasures. I make the mistake of taking the gang for a trip to the
seaside and that goes about as well as would be expected 😉
We’ve got The Sharks, Mad Sin, Guana Batz, The Zorchmen, Rock-It Dogs
and even a bit of The Damned amongst others.
Get your boogie pants on. It’s good to be back.

PGP – because without it life would be dead.

Songs on PGP #130

0. Tim Curry – Anything Can Happen on Halloween
1. The Sharks – Hooker
2. The Zorchmen – Kipper Trench
3. Rock-It Dogs – Take a Fall
4. Recently Deceased – Rock and Roller
5. Guana Batz – Just Love me
6. Torment – Worse and worse
7. Mad Sin – Dead Men Tell No Tales
8. The Damned – Love Song
9. The Zorchmen – Reloaded
10. Mad Sin – Mad to the Bone
11. Recently Deceased – Wolfbite
12. 44 Double D – Three poison kisses
13. Guana Batz – loan shark
14. The Sharks – Colour My Flesh
15. The Damned – Smash It Up (Part 2)
16. Rock-It Dogs – All Gone Bad
17. The Zorchmen – No More No Less
18. Rock-It Dogs – Take No Prisoners
19. The Sharks – Side show freak
20. Mad Sin – Costa del Hell
21. The Immaculate Deceptions – Teenage monster
22. Recently Deceased – Road Warrior
23. The Damned – I Just Can’t Be Happy Today
24. Guana Batz – Rockin’ In My Coffin
25. Scratchin’ My Way Out – The Sharks