Back from the Psychobilly Meeting.

Good morning world! That’s what I said when I jumped out of bed at 6.30 am this morning
after arriving home from Barcelona at 1.30 am. No, I bloody-well did not! I grumbled. I
moaned. However, as I was scraping the dead skin, sand from
my rosy English gob and looked down at my newest ink on my arm
I started remembering all of the fantesticle bands I’d seen, people I’d talked to and
put a name-to-a-face(book), oscillating from laying on the beach recovering after a 5 am
meander back to the hotel each night and the Weekender
I had a cheeky grin and a Psycho Gardener spring-in-my-step
again. What a fanny-tastic time was had by all. I’m coming back to lots of
psychobilly-business now with the plans on for a new online
magazine, Youtube video to edit together and share and, of course, new Psychobilly
Garden Party shows to make. I always come back from a psychobilly weekender buzzed
and ready to hey-ho!-let’s-go, but this time I really do feel like it’s a fresh new start for the show.

There are some other exciting news for the site coming but those
will become apparent over the next few weeks.

I’ll post a bit more actual information on the Weekender over the next few days. Love on y’az.