New PGP out! #127, Summer Special 1.

PGP #127 Nate is off on his vacation.

The new PGP #127 is out: It has been a tradition that, when I am on vacation, either a guest DJ covers for me or I produce a “special” series. As I’m only away for three weeks, this year it’s a series of summer special shows. I’ve plumbed the deep, dark depths of previous episodes of PGP from over the last three years and selected some good bits to keep you going until I get back. There are some new bits to keep everything fresh, so these specials are not straight re-runs. Keep on rockin’. Music this week is from Gorilla, CWBillys, Gutter Demons, Mad Heads, Frantic Flintstones and many more.

Show notes below:

Psychobilly Garden Party #127

Summer Special annual 1

New episode here on!Or get it on ITunesNate is off on his vacation but has pre-recorded three summer
special annuals, just like Whizzer & Chips and The Beano do.
Bits and pieces from previous episodes from among the last
three years worth. This week there is music from Gorilla, Koffin Kats,
The Guitar Slingers, Motorzombis and more.
(The songs and skit is from #68 for you collectors out there 😉 )

PGP – because without it life would be dead.

Songs on PGP #127

0. Camel Toe – Midget in a thong 1. Gorilla – Planet of the Apes 2. Vladmir – Blind Love 3. Lou & The Natics -Greed for Speed 4. Graveyard Manner – Brains 5. Guitar Slingers – Psycho Mad n Proud 6. Mad Heads – Invasion aliens in town 7. Gutter demons – run away loco 8. Motorzombis – Horror Express 9. Frantic Flintstones – Diablo 10. Gorilla – Forest of The Outcasts 11. Koffin Kats – Chainsaw Massacre 12. CwBillys – Boogie Do Carango 13. Guitar Slingers – Little sister 14. Vladmirs – zombie eyed youth 15. Motorzombis – La Llorona 16. Gutter Demons – Hell bent on rocking 17. Guitar Slingers – Boppin Shakin 18. Gorilla – Psychotic Paradise 19. Graveside Manner – Kings hill 20. Lou & The Natics – Rock n roll Demon 21. Mad Heads – Ukranian Horror Show 22. Frantic Flintstones – Retarded 23. CW Billys – Quero Te Beber 24. Vladmirs – City of the living dead.
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