10 random reasons why you know you’re a psychobilly

  1. When people ask what music you’re into you have to passionately explain what it is.
  2. Your heroes don’t hang out backstage – they’re at the bar after the gig to say hello.
  3. You judge a weekender by how much of it you remember. The less, the better.
  4. You have the best mates in the entire world.
  5. In scary movies you’re the only one giggling when everybody else is screaming.
  6. The music your parents loved directly inspired the bands you love.
  7. You’ve lost count of the amount of times you’ve said “no, it’s not the same as rockabilly”.
  8. You all happily give each other a nose bleed dancing at a gig but the moment somebody falls down, everybody helps to pick them up.
  9. The bands you love can play as well live as they do on a recording.
  10. You just cannot understand why everybody else doesn’t get it, but are secretly glad that they don’t.