The Spastiks EP

Today the big house is echoing with the sounds of The Spastiks EP “Radiation Baby”. Spinning this on the next show (#178).


A new iTunes feed? What’s going on Nate?

Firstly, here is a picture of a wombat in a coat:

Here is a wombat in a coat

Here is a wombat in a coat

Hey there psychogardenerbillys and chainsaw chicks. First off, here is the news. I have managed to get the iTunes podcast feed up and running, even though I was turned down at first. It is quite weird really, as the actress said to the bishop, as I wasn’t given any reason and when I appealed to the powers-that-be-Apple they just said “OK, it’s up now”. It just shows that it’s worth poking these big bears with a stick every so often. Well, Teabag tried that with a bear called Ignimity Brown who lives in the forest up north of the Garden of Delights and that really didn’t go well. You should have seen old Teabag pegging it across the garden with his family jewels dragging behind him, hundreds of bees buzzing, a honey comb attached to his left hand and a brown bear in hot pursuit. Great entertainment for me as I sat and watched from my comfy chair on the terrace. Anyway, that’s a horse of a different colour and will probably appear on the show sometime soon.

Where was I? Back to the news, yes. Many of you may be wondering where the RadiobillyFM podcast feed disappeared to and why you have to update to a new feed for PGP. Well, with show producer moving the radio shows onto the Dead Rodz website, the feed dropped off iTunes. Because I’m now hosting the show over here in addition to getting it to Bazza on Dead Rodz there was a built in feed available from my provider so I took the opportunity to get it up and running. I do like streaming or downloading from the site but, at the end of the day, iTunes podcasts are damn convenient and it gives you guys another place to get the show which is all I care about.

Anyway, here are the details for you:

This show is over on iTunes podcasts,.

This show is over on iTunes podcasts,.

iTunes link:



June’s shows.
Stop being a llama barber and start a band.

Stop being a llama barber and start a band.

Morning there psychogardeners and chainsaw chicks.

I’m putting together the show(s) for june. Calling all bands! If you want to get your band on Psychobilly Garden Party, whether it’s psychobilly, trash, rock n roll, punk, hardcore … whatever flavour of underground rock ‘n roll you’re playing, get it over to me.

As usual you can use mail address:



Psychobilly Garden Party episode 177

Psychobilly Garden Party #177

Rebooted and suited.

featuring: The meta-badger, the transvestite and the cupboard part 16

PGP #177

PGP #177

After another mini-hiatus The PGP Show is back again. We’ve been gone but what
matters is we’re back again. New music this week from Michael Ray And The Plastic Sheets,
Ransom Price, Quiffs-N-Coffins, Reverend Bogey Man & The Hellbound Train, plus lots of classics &
tunes that simply kick ass. We’re back off into the garden for the 16th episode of the radioplay.
Note: I continually refer to this as the 15th episode of the drama but it’s the 16th.
What can I say? I was out-of-it

Songs on PGP #177

  • Intro. Lord Creator – Big Bamboo
  • 1. Big John Bates – Fill your tank
  • 2. The Independents – Death Notice
  • 3. Ransom Price – The Departed
  • 4. The Static Minds – Gotta Move
  • 5. Michael Ray And The Plastic Sheets – Creature From The Black Lagoon
  • 6. Quiffs ‘N’ Coffins – Re-penetrator
  • 7. Mad Marge and the Stonecutters – Dial Z for Zombie
  • 8. Luck of The Draw – Dropping A Load (in Memphis)
  • 9. The Deep Eynde – The Feast
  • 10. The Brain Bats – Oblivion11. Reverend Boogie Man – PGP ident
  • 12. Tony Tarantula & his Bastards – Tromaville
  • 13. Michael Ray And The Plastic Sheets – Darkness
  • 14. Mad Marge and the Stonecutters – Sickness
  • 15. Ransom Price – Drink (Album Version)
  • 16. Quiffs ‘N’ Coffins – Mrs. Skeffington and Son

Cucumber Rayne’s Garage Disease at “The Paisley Clockwork Orange Club”

  • 1. Le Butcherettes – Burn the Scab
  • 2. The Fieros – To Pieces

PGP Continues…

  • 17 The Deep Eynde – She Likes Skulls
  • 18. Barnyard Ballers – Skitzo Family
  • 19. The Deep Eynde – 13th Floor
  • 20. Tony Tarantula & his Bastards – Lonesome Train
  • 21. Mad Heads – Undertaker’s Party
  • 22. Mad Marge and the Stonecutters – No Looking Back
  • 23. Mad Heads – Tram In Lunacy
  • 24. Mothra Slapping Orchestra – Now

* If you like any of the music heard here, support the bands! Plus tell them you heard them here.

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Spotify: Mad Dog Cole, Kingdom Of The ScareCrow
Good morning psychogardenerbillys and chainsaw chicks.
If you are connected up to that bastion of streaming and low-artist payback, Spotify then you may have seen that Mad Dog Cole threw out a playlist with tracks from his latest release Kingdom Of The Scarecrow.

Mad Dog Cole, Scarecrow playlist

Currently I’m rocking my caffeine injection of the morning and listening through these corkers. Great stuff! You can add his playlist by following the link underneath. Have a great Thursday guys. I’m still waiting for Mr. Bazza to confirm when the next PGP Show will be up on the site and iTunes as he’s had some problems with posting. I’m sure it’ll all be fine soon 🙂

Keep on rockin’. It’s nearly the weekend 🙂

Here it is:

Couldn’t wait for the CD #psychobilly #deadnate

Couldn’t wait for the CD #psychobilly #deadnate

via Nate’s Tumblr

New Psychobilly Garden Party show out. #170.

New #Psychobilly Garden Party out – #170. Download /stream on #RadiobillyFM Subscribe on #iTunes, soon to be streamed on #BazookaRadio “

And here we are with another weekend starter for you, and your auntie. If she’s into it. This week we dig back into the catalogue of previous psycho releases from 2011, 2012 & 2013 to kick your proverbial arses into gear for the weekend. Just because there are not that many new releases doesn’t mean this show isn’t cutting edge. It’s so edgy I don’t know what shape it would be termed to be in a mathematical sense. It’s got more edgy sides than I could shake a stick at. ‘

As well as tuneage it’s right back into the Meta-badger, The Transvestite and the Cupboard

Are you ready to hit it?

Even if a monkey is shagging your arm you should listen to this…

Even if a monkey is shagging your arm you should listen to this and next weeks summer special episodes of my show #Psychobilly Garden Party on #Radiobillyfm Underground #rocknroll and broadcast on Bazooka radio on

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Polka power! If u heard this weeks #psychobilly Garden Party…

Polka power! If u heard this weeks #psychobilly Garden Party show you know that something evil this way comes.

via Nate’s Tumblr

The new #Psychobilly Garden Party show is up. The road gets…

The new #Psychobilly Garden Party show is up. The road gets darker here on in.

via Nate’s Tumblr

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