• Bear with me…

    The page is fucked right now, but I’m working on fixing it (as of April 2019.) Will post on Facebook page when things are working properly. https://www.facebook.com/psychobillygardenparty/

  • Psychobilly Garden Party show #177

    Rebooted and suited.featuring: The meta-badger, the transvestite and the cupboard part 16 After another mini-hiatus The PGP Show is back again. We’ve been gone but whatmatters is we’re back again. […]

  • Psychobilly Garden Party Show #159

    The new #psychobilly  Garden Party show is out today. It’s two guest DJs: our regular Reverend Velocian and Mark from HRHG take over for the week. Get it on Radiobillyfm http://bit.ly/1fUZPMi | Listen to […]

  • Back.

    Yeah you diseased chainsaw chicks and gardenerbilly freaks.We’re coming back.Missed us?

  • New PGP out! #127, Summer Special 1.

    PGP #127 Nate is off on his vacation. The new PGP #127 is out: http://bit.ly/18k0IxY. It has been a tradition that, when I am on vacation, either a guest DJ covers […]

  • THE ROCKET DOGZ – Back in Traumaville ( OFFICIAL VIDEO )

    Really digging this. Unfortunately the link on their Facebook page didn’t work. I’ve dropped them a line on Twitter to try to find out where to get a CD. www.twitter.com/therocketdogz

  • I’m off on my f***ng holidays.

    On Wednesday 3rd of July I shall be flying to Barcelona for the annual Psychobilly Meeting in Pineda Del Mar. This is my first visit to this festival and I […]

  • Dog?

  • PGP episode #120 out today

      It’s the spring, so it’s time to “spring-clean music from Six Feet Down, The Deadbillys, The Phantom Rockers, Asmodeus, Baby Horror, The Detonators, The .357 String Band & more. […]