HRHG Cruise Night coming soon

Hey there rock’n’rollers!  Its springtime in Missouri, and if you can look past the clouds of pollen in the air you can see that everything has turned a dozen shades of rich green, flowers are blooming, skirts are getting shorter and there is a special energy in the air.

Thats right, its cruising, car shows, and drag racing time!  Hot damn!  So in honor of this wonderful time of year Ill be working on a show this weekend.  Im taking a look back at the 50’s, grabbin’ the good bits, and finding out who did a kick ass cover of those classic cruisin’ tunes.

So wash and wax your ride, pomp that hair high, grab your best gal (or guy) and head on out to the drive in! Ill be round soon with a big serving of rock-a-burger.