Month: January 2014

  • Psychobilly Garden Party #149 Cold-boldy-buzzy New episode here on!Nate’s got a cold, but he’s still here making like the true professional and bringing you exactly what you need – […]

  • This week’s listening. Gothabilly Razin’ Hell.

    Gothabilly Razin’ Hell Good morning psychogardenerbillys and chainsaw chicks.I thought I would punch a few lines about a compilation album I am revisiting this week. It is the excellent “Gothabilly […]

  • PGP New Years Super Special! #146

    Psychobilly Garden Party #146 The New Years Super Special! New episode here on!Well, this really is a super special! Somebody – somebody – can you guess who? Is possibly, […]

  • Happy New Year Chainsaw Army!

    Here we go again with the diseased carousel that is the PGP Show. It’s the fourth year that the podcast has been dragged into the light with a twitch and […]