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It’s all about hard work

This post is focused at all of you new, middle-aged and decrepit (just a little joke) bands out there. It is especially for those of you who spend your time negatively berating the Psychobilly scene, proclaiming its death, criticising the music business for its lack of support and fans for their lack of spending for new albums. Shame on you! 😉 Get your ass in gear and utilize shows like this one! The opportunities are there, the fans are there and there are a significant amount of us who are willing to pay for music which is well recorded, produced and, in the case of physical product, well presented with a good amount of cover notes, information and creative packaging. 

One of the primary reasons for creating this show was to support you lot! Get your ass in gear and send me an e-mail with your music, record a shout-out to the PGP audience, send some news about what you’re doing. The one thing that is sure about the new music scene is that without hard work, you’re not going to get anywhere.
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